Why You Need Keyword Analysis for Your YouTube Channel


If you are creating content for YouTube then your first preference is getting your content listed in YouTube suggestions and recommendation list. As you know, 70% of YouTube videos are found through search. YouTube keywords are equally relevant as of Google keywords. As of now, YouTube is the second largest search engine. This factor can be the sole problem for your YouTube channel’s content as there are thousands of videos listed in the same category. YouTube has various channels in each category. For example, there are thousands of channels just for the categories like music, comedy, games, etc. The only way to differentiate from your competitors is keyword analysis of a YouTube channel.

YouTube keywords are meant for three important factors and is referred as metadata. It is essentially what will get a YouTube user to click and view your video. It is a cumulative of: title, descriptions, thumbnails and tags used for the video.

The “title” of your video describes your content. Make sure that your video title has the same text as your. Create custom thumbnail as it generates more clicks. Also, naming your video file the same as your title will give you an additional advantage.

In YouTube search, the first few lines or 160 characters will appear in search results and above the fold on a watch page, you need to place your top keywords right at that place. You can also add links on your blog, websites and your other videos or channels you own.

Choose right tags and relevant keywords to make your video search engine friendly. Some suggested tags will include brand name, product offering or be a compilation. Make sure to use quotations (“xxx”), and avoid using commas. Avoid generic tags or tags that are not relevant to your video as Google’s algorithm detects the relation of your tags with your content. You can always change it manually when the video is uploaded.

Now that you know what is a keyword and its importance, how do we find it? There are many online tools for YouTube tag suggestion and YouTube keyword analysis. Inorder to find these, lets check some of the most effective methods.

Classic YouTube Search Bar Check:

Introduced in 2008, It uses predictive test method to suggest keywords relative to the words. When you start entering a term, suggestions for that particular word starts arriving in the query box.

Google Trends:

If you want to start a campaign, then the most simple keyword analysis for YouTube can be Google trends. Through this, you can check upon demographics and location to find the keyword which is trending at that particular time.

For example, if you enter three search words in the search bar, then you will be presented with two metrics. i.e., Interest Over Time, Regional Interest.

AdWords Keyword/Display Planner:

Through AdWords, you can plan your campaign in most effective manner. Google keyword planner can give you concise keyword analysis for YouTube channel. You can check the strength of the keyword, check the suggested competitive bids and download the report.

Display planner features rather broad data. Such as keywords, placements, topics, interests, demographics (age, gender), and remarketing.

Apart from these, there are tools such as freshkey, soovle, Vidooly Media Tech Pvt. Ltd., Betterwaytoweb etc, which will provide you the keywords you are looking for.