Why Social Media Marketing is beneficial for your business in 2016

people discussing social media at a brown table

Having just a website for your business isn’t enough these days – if you want to reach new customers and stay competitive you need to make use of social media. If you’re not using social media for your business you’re already behind your competitors!

Let’s take a look at why Social Media Marketing is beneficial for your business:

Utilizing Social Media Marketing correctly results in higher conversion rates. By interacting with your customers and prospects on social media your brand becomes more “humanized“. Brands can act like people do on social media which is extremely important because people like doing business with other people and not with companies.

Making use of Social Media to market your product / service is FREE. Unless you hire a company to manage it for you, but it will be an investment that you’ll be likely to see a return on. The downside of managing it yourself is that posting poorly written content or conveying the wrong message can negatively affect your company’s online image.


Still not convinced? Take a look at this infographic.


(Source of Infographic)