Our last blog post discusses what User Experience was and how to utilise it in the simplest way possible. However, it did not include the factors that make UX influential.  It has been said that UX may determine the success or failure of a business, or its product.

Do know whether your product is a success or not, you must understand its usefulness to your customer. This means you must also have an understanding whether it is useful for you. One does not simply offer a service or product because they have nothing else to offer, but, in fact, businesses centralise their success on their product because they understand that there is a market for such a service of the product.

Another factor that should be considered is the usability of the product or service. People often purchase a product under the impression that that specific product will be simple to use. Products that are not successful are usually not because customers do not find it to be user-friendly.

Successful products are easy to find. If you want a particular product that is useful and easy-to-use, you will be able to find it near you. That determines its need. The ‘findability’ is connected to the credibility your product has. If your product has creditability within the particular market it’s catered for, then it shall be easy to find it.

The last factor that influences the success or failure of your product or business is the value it has. Customers should understand what value the service or product has in order to respect it. The value in your product is the key to its success. It all depends on how valuable you view your product is. That stems from understanding your target market and understanding their needs.