User Experience (UX) made easy

In the world of business, you must first understand the product you want to supply or the service you want to provide, but most importantly you must know who you want to attract.  Who is your target market? In acquiring a target market, businesses attract a certain demographic because the product or service they are going to, or they are currently providing, is created to attract a specific a specific audience in mind. The world of business is tricky if you understand that there are many people who are waiting for something innovative, and those are the people you need to attract. They are the customer’s you need to target. It then begs the question; how do we know what those particular people need?


Often, so many businesses try, but fail to remain open because they don’t understand how to attract their audience sufficiently. In this case, the only way to offer an attractive service or product is if you understand the user who desires that product. There is a term called UX, which means “User Experience”. It’s a marketing term used in order to understand the user so that you can supply a product that is to be desired and successful. A business owner needs to place himself or herself in the customer’s shoes in order to understand what the client really wants from the supplier of the service or product. In this way, the product becomes more useful to you, as well as understandable and useful to the customer. To understand the customer, you need to empathize with the customer. What is it that the customer generally wants? What may it be that that the customer what to do? How does your customer feel? These are critical questions to understanding the customer.  This will surely enhance customer satisfaction, which will create a relationship that strengthens from loyalty.