Tips for small businesses to easily improve their Online Marketing efforts

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As a small business owner you know what a struggle it can be to keep up with your customers and the ever-evolving technology they’re using and, on top of that, Facebook keeps changing their algorithm and unless you pay them for advertising it’s NOT working in your favor.

That means you’ll have to improve your online marketing efforts to make sure that your small business gets noticed online and you don’t fall behind your competitors.

Here are some tips to help improve your online marketing efforts:

Make use of Mobile Marketing to reach the Millennials as they love their technology! In order to get your brand in front of your target market you should go where they already are; on Facebook or Twitter etc.  You can find some facts and statistics on millennials here.

Blogging, blogging and more blogging! People are constantly looking for information, tips and more, and you can give it to them! For example, if you have a Gutter Installation company, why not write some informative blog posts regarding gutters to help your customers! (This applies, no matter what industry you’re in.)

Make sure that you use attention grabbing headlines as they are the first impression your piece of content makes online and they have to convince people to click on your link. Try making them as catchy as you possibly can so they catch fire! Take a look at the 6 Songwriting Techniques to Help You Brainstorm post to help you create catchy headlines.

Stay up to date with new Social Media networks and follow trending hashtags so you can take advantage of it and contribute something relevant. REMEMBER, don’t post using a trending hashtag unless you’re absolutely sure of its context. Some posts can be beneficial for your business and other detrimental.

Social Media is the perfect place to connect and interact with your customers on a human level so be sure to follow Small Business Social Media Etiquette so you don’t harm your company’s online presence.

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