The future of Social Media Marketing is ‘Video’

social media video marketing

What makes video more attractive than any other form of media? Especially when video is not too different. It is 2-dimensional, has the same clarity and colour as an image, and more so, conveys the same message. Why this sudden love for videos? We all know the answer to that don’t we? It’s purely psychological.

When we think of it, it is strange how our entire life and everything around us weirdly narrows down to just video clips in our head. Our brain has photographic memory, and yet on many occasions we are very much capable of running through an entire event in our head in a motion picture format. The latter feels more complete, believable and exciting.

Nature has made sure that video influences on a cerebral level. When it comes to day to day activities one indulges on social media, like scrolling, liking, commenting, posting and sharing and self-conscious users who do “I am on my way to the airport” like live updates, snapshots and mp4 files score higher in engagement than all other forms of posts put together, mainly because of the reality it brings. If it is the individual social media users on one side, it is the businesses on the other.

A decent camera, a product to sell, a simultaneous click on YouTube and Facebook accounts and a 5 billion so viewers are enough for them to call it a hit! Businesses can indeed make the most of social media in the form that is favoured by most, simply because it creates awareness and drives sales in ways unimaginable through any other form of media.

To add more reasons, video offers abundance of opportunities to be creative, to say more, bring in and showcase production value, create a story, combine other media forms like editing, acting, dialogues, music etc. It comes as a whole package. From handicrafts made in the remotest of villages to the high-end cars from a world-class manufacturing unit, the future holds plentiful opportunities in the mp4 format, if only one knows how to create, amplify and repurpose what they do with it.

The sudden introduction of ‘Autoplay’ feature on Facebook and YouTube that has unconsciously grown into us, makes so much sense now doesn’t it?   Video Marketing is gaining in popularity today and will be the future of Social Media Marketing. For businesses to stay in competition and keep its audience engaged, it is very essential that this inexpensive, influential method is completely utilized to their advantage. Sometimes video also becomes imperative for companies aiming to increase their entire website experience.

Search Engine rankings also pose a great challenge to companies growing online. Since videos convey more emotion and brand persona, having a website or a social media presence will not suffice if there is no video marketing involved.