Six ways to drive more traffic to your website

The phrase “financial advisor” is searched on Google more than 8,000 times a month in Canada. Advisors who want to maximize their website’s chances of being listed in the search results and bring in more prospecting leads digitally can do so by taking advantage of some best practices in search engine optimization (SEO).

Just getting listed on Google is not enough. Advisors should aim to get their website as high up on the search results as possible – think the first page – as that captures the most web traffic, says Jennifer Osborne, president and digital marketing expert at Search Engine People Inc. in Pickering, Ont. “Put yourself in your [prospective clients’] shoes. They’re [most likely] looking at content on a mobile device, so chances are they’re not scrolling very far before clicking on an answer.”

Although it can take search engines anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to register new content, taking the following steps could help advisors get their websites ranked faster and higher in the search results:

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