Does my small business really need Online Marketing?

small business online marketing

Is it really necessary for small businesses to have Online Marketing or can they survive without having an online strategy?

According to Forbes a small business would reject online marketing as a necessity because of the following reasons:

I don’t need more customers.” Having a big enough customer base you’re satisfied with is a great place to be in, just make sure you can always count on your current customer base!

All my customers are offline.” If you’re only marketing offline then you will only attract customers who are offline. Forbes states that there are ” 5 billion Google searches every day and over 1 billion active Facebook users“. Some of those users might be interested in your business and you’re missing out by not marketing your company online!

Online Marketing doesn’t work for me.” If your previous Online marketing attempts failed that doesn’t mean that online marketing is flawed. There was merely a flaw in the strategy. Forbes says that “It happens, even to the industry’s best, but the correct response is to make improvements by finding new partners, pursuing new channels, and increasing the quality of the data you work with.”

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