Digital marketing trends that characterised 2019

Consumers are sick and tired of being actively sold to. In fact, if they think that a piece of copy or a graphic looks like an ad (even though it may not be) they avoid it. Some people actually go to the extent of blocking ads on their PCs and mobile devices entirely. “This is shown,” says Lisa Schneider: managing director of the Digital School of Marketing, “in the click-through rates for banner adverts, which is just 0.05%. This is a dramatic drop from years gone by.”

The types of digital marketing which hit home in 2019 were the formats that did not feel – to consumers – that they were indeed pieces of marketing. The most successful pieces of digital marketing were those that consumers felt had a person behind them. This is why aspects such as social media personalisation, more intuitive SEO practices as well as geo-location marketing became staples in the digital marketer’s 2019 toolkit.

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