Content Marketing Is the Future of Online Marketing

content is king written on a piece of paper

How do I get new customers?” This age-old question is never an easy one to answer. With a plethora of options available – digital, print, referral, etc. it can be challenging for any business to develop an effective and scalable strategy.

Over the past few years, a new channel emerged and has taken the online world by storm: content marketing.

Exactly as it sounds, content marketing enables businesses to market through the use of content rather than traditional display or search ads. The ability to leverage content as a form of advertising is incredibly powerful. Here’s a few reasons why and how to best capitalize on this opportunity:

Why Content Marketing Is Powerful

1. It Tells Your Story

Unlike display or search ads, content marketing is a unique and powerful opportunity to share you story with the world. Whether it’s press about your company, a powerful mention, or your own content, content marketing allows you to leverage the asset by putting marketing dollars behind it. This enables far more people to see your content than was ever previously possible.

2. It Doesn’t Seem Like an Ad

Lets face it – people are sick of ads. From billboards to banner ads, the average consumer is bombarded with brands trying to sell. The ingeniousness of content marketing is that it does not feel like an ad. Instead, your prospective customers feel like they’re discovering news that just happens to be about your company.

On social media, content marketing can be leveraged via promoted posts, which appear as a normal update you’re sending to the world. On content or media sites, these ads usually display as recommended or sponsored links at the bottom of an article. This is also exactly the place where your potential customer is looking for new things to explore.

3. It’s Scalable

Content marketing makes PR and content initiatives far more scalable. It allows your content to generate virtually unlimited impressions and incredible click-through rates, enabling new brands to achieve far greater brand awareness than ever possible. Brand awareness isn’t just scalable – it’s powerful.

Reading an article about your company is far more memorable than seeing a display ad, which drives not just awareness, but revenue. If your business is viable and presented correctly, promoting your content will attract new paying customers in droves. They will arrive to your site better informed than they would be through any other channel.