Choosing The Right Color Combination For Your Website

pick website colour combination

Selecting a color combination for your website can be very tricky. You do not want to go too harsh with the color scheme and also not too dull with the colors. Colors play a very important role in determining the choice of your customers. They help in making a deal.

Make sure the colors you are picking does not make your website opposite to what your website content is. And do not collect so many colors so not to get confused because it can be very difficult for you to decide.

You need to understand the psyche of people because colors represent the passion and emotions of the people. The web designer should make sure that there is harmony in colors. It should be according to the content of the website. These color combinations are a non-verbal communication for the website visitors. These colors create a physical and emotional reaction.

Always select 3 to 4 colors. Do not select so many colors because you can get confusing. Make a clear set in your mind about the colors which you want to pick. Try to make the background in white because it is a pleasant color and sometime appeals the person. And black for the text color. Other than doing as mentioned above colors determines a person’s mood. It can make him happy, sad, angry, and excited as well. First thing first know everything about colors. Learn about basic colors. Primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. We create any other colors by combining these colors. Colors also have some symbolic references. For example, red color represents aggressiveness and strength. Yellow is for positivity and so on.

Chose neutral colors which are pleasant for eyes.

These neutral colors are more pleasing than from the colors created by mixing them. You can use these colors to emotionally engage the visitor on your website. It is believed that colors gently influence the human mind state. They affect the human personality as well. The colors which you have chosen can engage the visitors to browse on your site or make the visitor quit the site as well because of the selection of the colors. If your website mainly concerns with the text, then it is highly recommended to use, which background and black text, if not then use any other desaturated color. Use desaturated color if your website is promoting any kind of product. By using these colors the focus of the reader will be directly on the product than anywhere else.

Consider everyone’s choice before selecting any color. Your website can be visited by young, old, man and women as well. Every person has a different choice of colors. As old people like more sober colors than bright colors which flashes in the eye. While young people like more bright, strong and vivid colors. Same is the case with men and women. So always try to choose a color combination which can have your website more visitors.