Are Questions Good For SEO?

If your brain goes into overdrive the minute you lie down to sleep, just pose yourself a question. Something silly like: “How many green beans did I see today?”. Your brain will immediately stop its endless chatter in order to try and answer your question. The chatter will resume but repeat the exercise 3 or 4 times and your brain will quieten down enough to allow you some sleep. That’s the power of questions – they hijack your thought process it and refocus your thoughts.

Questions are a very human form of connection; they give voice to our endless curiosity about the world and other people. We greet each other with questions (How are you?); start conversations with questions (What do you think about?); most of our decisions are based on an internal question (I wonder what would happen if?). They’re connectors, binding us to the world and each other. Are questions good for SEO, though? Let’s put it another way…

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