6 Must-Know Online Marketing Trends Of 2016

online marketing trends 2016

Online marketing is evolving rapidly. Each new year brings some changes in the marketing industry and its techniques.

These changes are either ignored or get adopted by marketers, and early adopters get an edge over the competition who are destined to lag further and further behind.

The uptake of new technology is faster than ever before, which means access to your audience is quicker than ever too. All you need to do is target them with a powerful marketing strategy that will engage them in unique ways.

2016 appears to be a great year for all the online businesses out there who are in the race to stay ahead of the curve by adopting these new and effective trends in online marketing, with the goal of making campaigns more effective.

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Here are six online marketing trends that your business needs to know in 2016:


1. Video is the rising star

YouTube still receives a massive amount of hits per day and as of November 2015, Facebook received 8 billion video views daily.

These two facts alone prove how many online users love watching videos. Plenty of studies also show that web content that includes video has higher engagement rates compared to content that only consist of plain text.

It’s recommended you find ways to present information to your audience through the use of entertaining videos. Trying to rank these videos on the results pages can also drive a significant amount of traffic to your website.

A great way to increase visibility and maximize your reach is by creating an animated explainer video to best explain your business idea in a few seconds.

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2. Content remarketing

Content remarketing is all about tagging those visitors on your site who have read your content but didn’t become a lead. Many marketing leaders believe that remarketing works very well.

We have all been writing blogs, e-books, articles, and emails, but the trick is to make them effective and capture the visitors’ contact information, and this is where content remarketing steps in. This gives you a golden chance to get back to the people who are interested in what you have to offer.

You need to give them a quality experience with something unique and new while they are engaging with your content, and then remarket ads to them in an attempt to close the deal.

Your effective piece of content could be the reminder that sends them back to your site and initiates a buy.


3. Revolution of social media advertising

Social media took the marketing industry by storm as a platform where you can directly hit a large number of your target audience members. Because of the endless benefits of social media marketing, it will soon become a requirement to pay for advertising on every social platform.

People around the globe depend on social media for everything. Even before buying, they share or check social profiles about the purchase.

More social networks will start charging for traffic, and as social media networks adjust their algorithms, the only way brands can ensure they generate a decent amount of traffic is through advertising.

For example, Facebook was once easy to leverage; all you had to do was post a status update with a link to your fan page or personal page. Within minutes, all of your fans and friends would see your links and the traffic would flow in.

Now you’re encouraged to boost your post if you want to get the maximum amount of traffic. Even if you have 100,000 fans on Facebook, the only way to get the majority of them to see your content is to pay for visibility.


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