5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions For Website Designers And Developers

chrome extensions for website designers and developers

Needless to say, Google is one of the most powerful and modern search engines, which created Google Chrome one of the leading web browsers. Its user loves it because of its simplicity or high-speed. Being a website designer or developer you have to use so many tools and it offers you plenty of extensions that make your development work easier than you even think.

So, if you are looking for any such extension, then here is a list of top 5 must-have Chrome extensions for website designers or developers. So, have a look below to know their benefits.

Flickr Tab:

One of the most popular chrome extensions loved by millions of designers or developers is Flickr Tab. It helps you to choose a random photo in its community and displays it on your browser every time you open a new tab. It makes your things fresh and unique as well.

Check My Links:

Another important extension love by the developer is Check My Links that help them quickly identify any broken link on the site and inspect them for functionality. It is a must-have extension, which saves your lot of time and saves your reputation in front of your clients.

Page Ruler:

It is an excellent chrome extension which is used by both designers as well as developers. It allows you to easily measure out the exact dimension you are looking for your website. It is very easy to add; you just need to install it to your browser.

Instant Wireframe:

It’s a perfect chrome extension that helps to speed up the development process. It generally helps the designers and developers to get the quick overview of web pages.

Web Developer Checklist:

It’s a great resource for web developers who want to follow the best practices and fix all the issues related to website development. It helps you to follow the guidelines and work as a great companion in building a website.

All above chrome extension will definitely assist you in many ways and solve your various problems related to web development within a few minutes. So, what do you think? Which extension you have already used and which one you want to download after reading the above post? Don’t need to think a lot, these are very easy to add extensions, which actually work beyond your expectations. As a designer and developer, you will never get the better extensions like this. So, you should use them all and enjoy their benefits.