4 Ways to Prevent Common Website Development Missteps

Beth had a new website built for her thriving legal practice last year, and while the site is beautiful, website traffic and leads have completely dried up. She doesn’t understand what could possibly have gone wrong and whether her site will eventually recover.

Beth isn’t alone – 34% of small business owners are dissatisfied with their website performance. You see evidence of it every day, websites that:

  • Are hard to find and navigate
  • Are undifferentiated and don’t stand out in any way from the competition
  • Target the wrong audience – or no specific audience
  • Read poorly, fail to get your point across, or fail to prompt action which benefits the business
  • Render slowly and/or poorly on different devices and browsers
  • Are insecure, unstable, and/or time-consuming and expensive to maintain

Small business owners who lack project management and technical skills are especially at risk of these types of website failures. And often, they don’t even realize that there’s a problem until months after the site has launched.

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